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Square Asymmetric Neckwire with Round Freshwater Pearls (12mm)

Square Asymmetric Neckwire with Round Freshwater Pearls (12mm)

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Minimal and Graphic, Different and Elegant. Easy to wear with stunning effect.



This neck wire measures approximately 14cm across and the pearls approximately between 12mm.



22ct Gold Vermeil - 2 Microns Plated on Sterling Silver - British Made, 925 Sterling Silver - British Made



Our freshwater pearls have a gorgeous iridescent lustre and are naturally formed. Lustrous and classic, pearls are an absolute staple for any jewellery lover.


All MMJ pearls are natural Freshwater Pearls, so none are ‘perfect’ and they will all have some imperfections and no two are ever exactly the same or a pair. They are all sourced from China & Hong Kong and the coloured Pearls are heat-treated and colour is permanent. No dye is used.

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