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'Morph It' MMJ Signature Earrings with Rock Crystal

'Morph It' MMJ Signature Earrings with Rock Crystal

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These statement triangle shaped gemstone earrings can also be worn as a sweet pair of mini hoops and a dozen different positions to create very different looks depending on your mood, outfit and your style!


These earrings measure 4.5cm x 6cm and the rock crystal approximately measure 5mm.


22ct Gold Vermeil - 2 Microns Plated on Sterling Silver - British Made, 925 Sterling Silver - British Made


Rock Crystal is the clear colourless form of the mineral quartz. It owes its name to the ancients Greeks who found it in caves and called it krustallos meaning ice, as they believed it to be water which had been permanently frozen by the Gods. Rock Crystal have been used extensively by many cultures for diagnostic healing.

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